Would you like to join our team of providers?

What kind of providers are we looking for?

At Amidas we are always on the lookout for experienced translators, language editors, revisers, interpreters and legal translators who are good at their job and enjoy doing it.

We are interested in individuals who:

  • have at least 3 years’ experience;
  • are accurate;
  • are able to follow instructions;
  • know how to use translation tools (applies to translators) or are willing to learn;
  • stick to deadlines and are able to organise their work well;
  • are highly responsive;
  • enjoy working as part of a team;
  • are responsible and aware of their role in the team;
  • are thoroughly proficient in the target language into which they translate/interpret. A language qualification is not essential but candidates must be able to demonstrate mastery of both linguistic and cultural elements of the language concerned (by means of a qualification, certificates or experience).

What we expect from translators

All of the above. memoQ is the tool we use most often in our work, but knowledge of other translation tools is welcome and a plus.

What we expect from language editors

Language editors must have at least 3 years’ experience, be native speakers of the language they edit and hold a higher education qualification in their native language.

What we expect from revisers

Revisers of translations must be accurate, responsible and highly responsive and possess a good feeling for the target language. Revising translations involves comparing the original and the translation and marking mistranslations and linguistic errors.

Ways you can collaborate with us

  • sole trader
  • limited liability company
  • freelance contract

If you think you match the above descriptions, we would be happy to hear from you.

Send your application and CV to us at hrm@amidas.si.

We will review your application as soon as possible. If you match the profile we are looking for (translator, language editor, reviser or interpreter), we will invite you to complete a test translation (approx. half a standard translation page or up to a maximum of one page).

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