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Our mission is to support your business with our linguistic and translation services and support for your business.

Amidas was created as a response to the needs of companies during birth of new country, when Slovenia gained independence and opened to the world economically and culturally. Suddenly the boundaries has been blurred, the need for successful operation in international waters was increased.






Legal translation



The best translators

Our translations are done by native speakers of foreign languages, but not just any native speakers – only experienced translators of proven quality! This is the key to high-quality translations and the factor that distinguishes us from other translation service providers

All in one place

You get everything in one place – we cover a large number of fields and offer a wide variety of language combinations and services
Do you need translations of employment contracts, your website and your annual report, and also an interpreter for a meeting with a foreign partner and the editing/revision of a letter to business partners? We can do all this for you, since our team of more than 400 providers covers the full range of fields, language combinations and services!

A quarter of a century of excellence

A 25-year success story – our wealth of experience helps us resolve all your linguistic challenges

Over the last 25 years we have helped more than 1,200 customers and worked with more than 400 providers around the world. And we have lost count of the number of times we have solved a customer’s apparently “insoluble” problem.

''Simply the best''

The best team of native English speakers in the country
Our translations into English are provided by an experienced and incredibly talented and dedicated team of British and American translators who have been working with us for years, or even decades. They have translated everything from the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, laws, and the annual reports of some of Slovenia’s biggest companies, to tourist guides and EU directives and reports.  Try us and discover why we are the best.

First-class English language editors

Amidas has for many years been the principal provider of English language editing services for the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. Our editors are all native speakers of English with suitable qualifications and a linguistic sensibility that enables them to work miracles with your English language texts. Try us and find out why they are so popular with our most demanding customers.

Leaders for financial texts

Experts in translating financial and banking texts into English
Our team of highly experienced translators who are native speakers of English and at the same time experts in finance and banking have worked for the majority of Slovenian banks and translated annual reports for some of the biggest Slovenian companies. At the same time, they are the key reason why we have been the leading provider of translations in the finance and banking fields for many years.

Our satisfied customers

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