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We have been providing professional translations of all types of texts for 30 years. With a team of more than 300 freelance translators and partner agencies around the world, we guarantee high-quality translations into all European and major world languages.

Thanks to our principle that translations are always done by native speakers of the target language, we have long been the right choice for translations from Slovene into other languages. We are particularly known for the quality of our translations into English and we boast the largest team of native English speakers in the country – some of them with us since the company was founded.


Language editing is chosen by clients who are aware of the importance of the impression that their texts can make on a customer. It only takes a few grammatical errors or misspellings and your text gives the reader or potential customer the wrong impression of your professionalism and abilities.

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Sodni prevodi

Legal translation

We handle sensitive material with care.

Certified legal translations by sworn translators (court interpreters) are translations of documents that retain legal validity in their translated form.

Certified legal translations include contracts, official documents such as birth certificates or marriage certificates, university degrees, certificates, extracts from the companies register, etc.


We offer all three types of interpreting:

simultaneous interpreting – the interpreter sits in a booth; participants listen to the translation via headphones;

consecutive interpreting – the interpreter stands or sits next to the speaker, who pauses frequently to allow the interpreter to repeat what has been said in the target language;

whispered interpreting – the interpreter sits next to the person needing the translation and whispers a simultaneous translation into their ear.