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Nina Šušnik

Nina has taken over the role of director from her father Dejan Šušnik with a view to assuming full leadership of the company in the future. She is also head of sales, and her primary concern is to ensure customer satisfaction. She is always ready to help and ensure that there is a good working atmosphere in the office. She is currently enhancing her marketing knowledge at the Gea College Business School and frequently attends seminars and conferences around Europe.

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Dejan Šušnik

Dejan is the majority owner of Amidas, one of the top translation agencies in Slovenia and a company that has helped open the horizon of international markets to Slovenian and foreign businesses. Dejan has lived a good part of his life in England and America. With his international connections and language skills, he naturally gravitated towards the translation business before eventually joining forces with two friends to establish Amidas. Patient and understanding, he is adept at coordinating the interests of employees, external collaborators and clients. He is increasingly stepping back from his position at the head of the company and settling into an advisory role as he hands over the day-to-day running of the company to the next generation.

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Mateja Hočevar

Mateja has been at Amidas since the very beginning. Back then everyone did a bit of everything, but she soon realised that she was best suited to looking after the accounts, which is where we still find her today, carefully and consistently making sure that the numbers add up – for providers, clients and employees. The mother of three daughters, she is also an active member of a choir and a keen dancer.

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Ana Cankar

Ana has held various roles at Amidas: from technical support to project management and the position of office manager. A new mother with a can-do attitude, Ana is caring, responsible and always cheerful, which makes her the right person to find solutions to complex challenges. Today she is in charge of optimising work processes and also provides support for the marketing department.

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Katarina Skoberne

Katarina is a conscientious and resourceful project manager who is always keen to improve her skills. Thanks to her technical expertise and her willingness to accept difficult challenges, she is ideally qualified to manage complex projects. She regularly attends international conferences in order to enhance her knowledge. In 2013 she attended a Train the Trainer course for the memoQ translation software suite, while in May 2014 she attended a SDL Trados Studio 2014 course. She has also taken part in project management training seminars and is currently pursuing studies in economics. As well as producing excellent work, Katarina brings a good sense of humour that contributes to the positive atmosphere in the office.

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Živa Furlan

Živa brings freshness and precision to our team of project managers and is always ready to tackle fresh challenges. A keen traveller, she enjoys learning new things, which is why, in addition to her master's degree in translation, she decided to study economics at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. Her calm and friendly nature is another reason why your projects are in good hands with Živa.

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Maja Lipovac

Maja's love of literature led her to a degree in translation studies, with a focus on English and German. She began translating while still a student. After graduating she combined her translation work with a project manager role at a small translation company. As a project manager at Amidas, her attention to detail, professionalism and focus are the right ingredients for a job well done. Among other things Maja looks after projects for the European Commission and Slovenian government institutions.

Telephone +386 1 300 96 88

Dunja Elikan

Dunja has been interested in languages all her life, so it is no surprise to learn that she holds a master's degree in translation (specialising in English and French) and was already actively translating when still a student. Dunja began working at Amidas as a translator and a reviser of translations. Her precision, feeling for language and friendly character meant that she was soon invited to join the project managers team. This is a role that suits her perfectly because it gives full expression to her communicativeness and her willingness to accept new challenges.

Telephone +386 1 300 96 91

Peter Kolar

Peter has long had an interest in translation and computers, so his technical support role is perfect for him. A translation studies and computer science graduate, he is always happy to help out his colleagues and his sense of humour brightens up even the most stressful of working days.

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