Professional translations help ensure successful and high-quality communication in an international environment. At Amidas your translation is entrusted to an experienced team of native speaker translators, language editors and revisers.
Before we start translating we examine the text, analyse it and prepare it for importing into our computer-assisted translation software suite, which enables us to coordinate terminology and ensure consistency with previous translations.
The finished translation is then passed to a reviser who compares it to the original text, sentence by sentence.
Before the text is delivered, a language editor goes through it to correct any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and ensure that the style is appropriate and that terminology is uniform and consistent.
Finally we check the formatting of the documents.
Throughout the process, our team of project managers and technical specialists ensure that the work progresses smoothly and act as liaison between you and the translation team.
Together, the team make sure that the translation contains no orthographic or linguistic errors, that style and register are appropriate to the context, and that the terminology used is correct and consistent. If your text is going to be printed, we also proofread it before printing and eliminate any printer's errors.
We translate to and from all European languages and to and from several Asian languages.

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